Frequently Asked Question: What is a sample sale?

When you walk into a bridal boutique, the first thing you might notice is that there is only one of each style of gown on display. Unlike your everyday clothes store, which generally stock each piece of clothing in a variety of sizes, most bridal boutiques will carry a single demo piece, or ‘sample’, of each style, which brides can try on to experience a gown before ordering a new one in the right size.

As trends change, bridal boutiques often have to make room for new season stock. This means that some samples simply have to go. For the savvy bride, these sample sales present a great opportunity not only to cut the wait time on a wedding dress down to nothing, but to save some serious cash! This is because, much like with a demonstrator car, sample gowns are often reduced to reflect their time acting as a display piece. Although the right gown may require a little TLC to bring it back to life, the good news is that sample gowns can still be mended, fitted, and even modified by a dressmaker – just like a new gown!

At Eternal Bridal, there is always a selection sample gowns on offer. Make an appointment, or contact your preferred boutique to ask a question.