Frequently Asked Question: What is a trunk show?

So you’re recently engaged – yipee! You said yes. You’ve told your nearest and dearest. You’ve set a date. And now it’s time to delve headfirst into the world of wedding dresses. Cue nervous sweating.

For many brides, wedding dress shopping is a source of anxiety. This dress will be immortalised in your wedding photos for the rest of your life. It may be the part of the big day that you remember most distinctly in the years to come. The fabric, the fit, the way it made you feel – the look on your fiance’s face when they first see you in it. Out of the thousands of wedding dresses out there, how are you meant to find The One?

If this isn’t enough, you are learning a whole new vocabulary just browsing for the thing. However, while much of the new terminology is simple enough to understand (sometimes with a little help from mum, and her old-school haby know-how), there’s one that still evades you, despite the fact that it is everywhere. That’s right, Eternals – I’m talking about trunk shows.

The first step in grasping the concept of a trunk show is to understand that it is not a show at all. For many, it is easier to think of it more like a temporary or travelling collection, moving from retailer to retailer. And, whilst many retailers will have highly stylized ways of conducting their trunk shows, a trunk show appointment is very much like a regular bridal consultation, in that you will be trying on gowns with the help of a consultant.

The advantage of a trunk show is that there are more gowns than usual for you to try on – gowns you normally wouldn’t be able to try at all! For this reason, it’s a golden opportunity – not only can you experience the widest array of gowns possible at a trunk show, but there are usually some choice trunk show perks on offer too.

However, there is a catch – trunk shows are temporary. As a trunk show will generally travel between retailers, its duration at your local boutique will be limited. This means that, should you find your dream dress in a trunk show collection, the sample will inevitably move on.

To avoid disappointment, committing to a trunk show gown during the trunk show is always best (hello peace of mind!). If you can’t quite decide in time, however, never fear – all is not lost. Depending on the ordering process of the retailer and designer, you may be able to order your gown later on. Check with the host retailer to be sure.

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