FAQ's | Melbourne


  • Do you have wedding shoes in your boutiques?

    Unfortunately we don't stock any of the shoes in our boutiques at the moment as we are a bit tight on space. They are only available via our online store here

  • Do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

    Booking an appointment is the best way to ensure we can give you the full attention of our bridal consultant. We recommend booking two weeks ahead for weekend appointments. However walk-in is welcome to browse, we will be more then happen to help you if there is a cancellation.

  • Which appointment type suites me? And is there any booking fee?

    Brides whose wedding is within the next 12 months and are free on the weekdays
    BOOKING: is essential, walk-in possible if appointments available
    DURATION: 60 Minutes
    COST: Free

    Brides whose wedding is within the next 12 months and prefers a weekend appointment
    BOOKING: is essential, walk-in possible if appointments available
    DURATION: 60 Minutes
    COST: $35 this fee is redeemable at purchase of a full price dress

    Brides who has already tried on gowns in our store
    BOOKING: is a must, walk-in not available
    DURATION: 60 Minutes
    COST: Free 

    Brides whose wedding is more than 16 months away
    BOOKING: is essential, walk-in possible if appointments available
    DURATION: 60 Minutes
    COST: $35 this fee is redeemable at purchase of a full price dress on the day of the appointment.

    Melbourne boutique stocks a full range of veils and limited styles of head pieces and jewellery. For more variety of head pieces and jewellery, please check out our website. *Please note shoes are only sold online and not available in store.
    BOOKING: is essential, walk-in possible if appointments available
    DURATION: 20 Minutes
    COST: Free

  • What’s up with the booking fee?

    We want all brides to have the opportunity to try on their favourite Eternal Bridal dresses which has caught their eye. Our weekend appointments are usually booked out weeks in advance, but we also have lots of last minute cancellations; which means brides who been on our waiting list has lost the opportunity to come in on that day. If you are unsure about if the dresses are for you before you pay for the booking fee; we encourage you to book in during our less busy weekdays.
    It’s free of charge on our weekday appointments.

  • What is the process of making a booking online?

    Once an online booking request is submitted, one of our team will contact you to confirm your appointment. A text message will be sent out to you two days before our appointment. Failure to confirm your appointment may result in the appointment being forfeited. If you have made an appointment request which requires a booking fee, we will contact you via phone or email to collect the booking fee. The booking request will be void if payment is not received three days before your appointment day.

  • What if I need to cancel the appointment?

    Please send us an email to cancel your appointment.
    If you have made a payment for an appointment and no longer coming in, please send us an email 4 days prior to your appointment date. We will return your booking fee. Booking fee will be retained for short notice (less than 4 days) cancellation.

  • What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

    Reschedule can be made 2 days prior to your appointment time. The reschedule date should be within the next 4 weeks; otherwise booking fee will be void.

  • What if I am running late?

    We recommend giving a good gap between appointments, give you time to travel to another place or take a rest. We recommend no more than 3 appointments on the same day. In case you are running late, always a good idea to call us. Please note, running late means your appointment time will be shorten. If you are running 40 minutes late, unfortunately your appointment and booking fee will be void. Please re-book for another day.

  • What if I wanted to try on the Galia Lahav gowns?

    Unfortunately the Galia Lahav gowns are not available permanently in our Melbourne boutique. However we do host Trunk Show periodically in Melbourne. If you are not 100% sure if the Galia Lahav gowns are for you, we would recommend coming in for your first consultation and speaking to our consultant to see if the gowns will be suitable for you. If the Trunk Show dates are not suitable for you, we could arrange the gowns to be shipped down to our Melbourne store for try on. Please note a $100 shipping fee per gown applies, redeemable at purchase of a Galia Lahav gown.

  • What can I do if you are fully booked?

    If we are fully booked, you could email or call us to be added to our wait-list. We will contact you should an appointment becomes available. Please note that our weekend appointments are popular, please allow two weeks in advance to get a booking.

  • What if I am travelling from far away?

    It is important to make a booking to avoid disappointment and to let us know if you are going to be travelling from interstate or long distant away. As coming back could be an issue, we would try our best to ensure that the gowns of your interest are available. However we could not guarantee the availability.

  • Can I share an appointment with a friend?

    Each one of our bride is unique and deserve our full attention on hunt for the gown. Therefore we do not offer share / split appointments. If you and your BFF or partner both would like to have an appointment on the same day, we kindly ask you to book two separate appointments. You may opt for appointment one after another if that’s available.

  • What if I am interested in a gown you have in the interstate store?

    We could transfer the gown to your local store. A $100 shipping fee per gown applies and redeemable at purchase of the gown that you have transferred.

  • What if I am here to try on a particular gown?

    As our gowns can travel between stores or out for a photo shoot or simply sold off the rack, we are unable to guarantee the gown will always be in store on the date that you have booked in. If you are here for a particular gown, please let us know in advance to avoid disappointment. We should try our best to facilitate.


  • Who should I bring to my appointment?

    Bring your closest friend or family member whose you would like to share this special moment with and whose opinion you value. We recommend three members otherwise it may take focus off you. Please note due to space restrictions, we are unable to facilitate a large group more than 4 guests on the weekends. If you have special guests such as baby, young children and a bigger group please speak to our friendly consultant before making a booking to see how we could best facilitate for you.

  • What should I bring for my appointment?

    Bring along your wedding inspirations, dresses you’ve liked, nude underwear and minimal make-up. And of course bring an open mind. You may fall in love with dresses that you never thought of: LOVE at first sight.

  • What are the sizes of gowns available for me to try on?

    Bridal gown sizes runs on a different size chart and varies between designer labels. So don’t be nervous when the tag says size 6. It may equivalent to size 10 Australian size. Most of our samples sizes are equivalent to Australian size 8-14. We now have a small selection of size inclusive gowns in store for curvy ladies. Please speak to our friendly consultant when you are making an appointment.

  • What is the price ranges for your gowns?

    Melbourne boutique price ranges from $2800-$9000; with an average between $3300-$5500. Don’t be shy to discuss budget with your consultant. We are here to help you find the dress that suits your budget and style.

  • Can I take photos of me in the dresses while I am trying on?

    Due to copyright; we are unable to allow photos of you in the gowns to be taken home. If you would like to compare your looks, speak to our friendly consultant, we are more than happy to take the photos using our phones to show you.


  • How far in advance do I need to buy my gown?

    This depends on what works for you. We have bride purchases 18 months ahead and saving towards her dream gown. On the other hand we have brides come to us months before wedding date. Generally speaking, we recommend order between 8-10 months ahead for made-to-order gowns; and allow 10-12 months for made-to-measure gowns.

  • What is the difference between Made-to-Order; Made-to-Measure and Ready-to-Wear?

    Made-to-Order and Ready-to-Wear is the same process. It means the gown comes in standard design and made to a standard size with some limited custom changes. This means alteration is a separate cost. Made-to-measure means a gown is made to your body measurements and usually the Designer is able to make changes to the design to suit you. Fitting and alteration is part of the process.

  • Are the alterations included in the price?

    Alteration cost is a separate cost, as it varies depending on the amount of alteration required. Speak to your consultant to get an idea and set aside some budget.

  • What is the standard lead time to order a new gown?

    Made-to-Order gowns generally take 6-8 months order time depending on the brands. Your consultant will work with you to ensure that your gown will arrived with plenty of time before your wedding date to allow time for your alteration. If you are travelling overseas for your wedding or require the gown earlier, please speak to our friendly consultant. Made-to-Measure gowns could vary depending on the custom changes and fabric availability; but generally requires 10 months order time. Rush order available at additional cost.

  • What if my wedding is 6 months away?

    Don’t panic! We can still order a new gown on a RUSH order time frame. This means we can priorities your order. A rush order time frame requires a minimum of four and half months depending on seasons and fabric availability. Rush fee applies.  

  • HELP! I’m getting married less than 4 months?

    We offer samples off the rack, you may pick up a bargain! When you are inquiring about sample off the rack dresses, is it important to let us know your usual dress size. This way we can best help you find a dress within the short time.

  • How do you know my size to order?

    We take your measurements and order against the designer’s size chart. If you are measured in-between sizes, we mostly go with the bigger size to allow fluctuations. If you choose to go with the smaller size, we will get your consent before ordering.

  • Are your dresses made to measure?

    We offer the Galia Lahav couture collection. This collection is made to measurement and special design changes are possible. This however does not mean the gown will fit your perfectly when it first arrives in our store. As Galia Lahav studio is base in Israel, custom fitting is required in store as part of the process. 


  • Will I need alteration for my gown?

    Nearly in all cases that alterations will be required for perfect fit. We work with a team of experience wedding down seamstresses that could help you make your dream dress fit perfectly.They are experienced with our gowns and work closely with our consultant to fit your gown timely and professionally. Please note this is a separated cost paid to Eternal Bridal.

  • Can I take my gowns to be altered elsewhere?

    You are not obligated to engage our seamstress and welcome to use other alteration service you prefer. Please ensure that the engaged seamstress is specialised in altering wedding gowns. If you need any assistance in the process, we contact our consultant for advice.

  • When should I book for alterations?

    Please contact your preferred seamstress 10-12 weeks before your wedding date or once your gown has arrived to make a booking in advance. We recommend starting your alteration 4-6 weeks ahead of your wedding date. Standard alteration generally takes 3 fittings; however allow extra fitting if your gown is intricate or if you are making custom changes. Please speak to your seamstress should you like to know more about how the process works or if you have special
    custom change request.

  • Alteration fitting for Galia Lahav Couture gowns?

    Fitting and alteration of a Galia Lahav Couture gown is included in the price of your purchase. Your fitting will be arranged with by our consultant. It is a similar process and time frame as our standard alteration with more guidance from our team. Please speak to our friendly consultant for advice.

  • Alteration fitting for Galia Lahav Ready-to-Wear gowns?

    Alteration for Galia Lahav ready-to-wear collection is the same as normal made-to-order gowns. The alteration is not part of the services and additional cost required. Please refer to our standard alteration time frame and process.

  • Alteration fitting for interstate brides?

    Most of our brides take their gown back home for alteration. However if you have the time to allow you to stay for a short period of time, a priority fitting can be done by our local seamstress. Please speak to our friendly consultant for advice.


  • Where do I park? What is your closest station or tram service?

    Getting here on tram is easy. You could choose the driving, tram and train. The closest parking is right at our door steps with limited 2 hour parking. Longer parking is available along the small streets off High Street. Tram #6 also stopping right at our door step. Or the closest station is Armadale station, it takes 20 mins walk to our store.

  • What is your food and drink policy?

    Given how special wedding gowns are, we kindly ask that you do not bring food or drinks into the salon.

  • Does your salon have bathroom facilities?

    We regret that our salon does not have public bathroom facilities. However there are plenty of cafes around us. Please ensure you have breaks in between your appointments.

  • Will you ship my gowns to me if I live interstate?

    We recommend you picking up the gown personally to ensure that you are happy with the ordered items. Cost could vary significantly depending on your location. All shipping will be insured and signature required on arrival. It could take 3-5 business days depending on location.

  • Will you ship my gowns to me if I live overseas?

    We recommend you picking up the gown personally to ensure that you are happy with the ordered items. Cost could be significant depending on the import tax and GST from your country. We recommend you to check with your local custom before choosing this option.

  • What if I am not happy with the service I received?

    We would love to hear from you, your happy experience, your recommendations on improvements and any feedback to help us improve our service. Please email us on admin@eternalbridal.com.au