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Posted by Annie Lu on

This June, set next to the magnificent seaside in Bali, the co-founders of the popular blog "Where To Fly Next", Annie and Will, exchanged "I do". Here is an exclusive look into their love story and big day!


When Will and I were both in University, our mutual friend (and bridesmaid) was celebrating her graduation at a nightclub in Sydney. Will and I were both invited, and I had one too many celebratory drinks which resulted in me ending up on the floor. Will so kindly helped me off the ground and I thanked him by spilling a drink all over his clothes. I didn't remember any of this. The next morning, he sent me a Facebook Friend Request and when I asked my girl friends who he was, they told me about the whole ordeal. I felt awful. I added him on Facebook and offered dry cleaning but we didn't really see or bump into each other again for a long time. We became acquaintances on Facebook and there were a few times I noticed that Will took really beautiful photos (and Will continued to Instastalk me and Like every post since 2014) I was going through a rough time in my life and the urge to travel just overcame me. I grew a HUGE fascination for the Northern Lights but I needed camera advice so I could capture the aurora on my solo trip to Iceland. I didn't have anyone to turn to for camera advice so I randomly messaged Will and after some messages back and forth I realised that he was also chasing the lights and it really bonded us. Needless to say, I never did that solo trip to Iceland. Fast forward a few years later and we took a photo together as an engaged couple underneath the Northern Lights.




Will had secretly booked a trip to the Maldives and his original plan was to propose to me during a private beach dinner. But a few weeks before that trip, we were in Laos with his parents and his brother at the beautiful Kuang Si Falls in Laos and Will realised it would be so special to share that moment with his family there too. He spontaneously asked his brother to take a photo of us by the waterfall (he was actually recording a video) and there he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so confused and overwhelmed that it took me a long time to respond. I basically just knelt down to his eye level and asked him if this was real and started crying. The first person I hugged was his Mum and we were both in tears and I'll never forget that hug!




Our wedding was at Khayangan Estate in Bali so I just mentioned to the wedding planner that we wanted something tropical with a lot of greenery and lanterns or lights would be pretty for the night. But to be honest, due to our busy schedules we really didn't have a lot of time to research or plan a theme. Our honeymoon was also a 2 month round the world trip and we were too busy planning that than much else. In the end, the wedding planner and decorators took the reigns and we were so so happy with how it all turned out.




I really had no clue on what dress I liked or what looked good on me. My Mum had been waiting for this day so she came with me to my bridal appointment with Eternal Bridal and her eyes locked on the sparkly Enzoani dress which is ultimately the dress I said yes to! So mum's my inspiration.




I visited about 5 stores and tried about 2 or 3 from each store but nothing ever really made me say wow. My first response when I tried on this gown was "WOW" and Mum really loved it too, this is when I knew it was the one.

Everything was extremely seamless and easy. I basically got my measurements done, the dress arrived in the store earlier than I thought and I was referred to a seamstress and she made some minor adjustments (to the length mainly, I'm not a tall girl!) and it was time to take it with me to our wedding.




My family is Vietnamese and Will's family is Chinese and Laos. As part of our cultural traditions, we had a Tea Ceremony the morning of the wedding where each family member is offered tea and gives us their blessings to merge our families as one. Will's dad is an extremely quiet man and doesn't show a lot of his emotions but during the tea ceremony, he broke down and cried with happy tears and hugged both of us. This really pulled our heartstrings and the whole family was in tears after that too. During the Tea Ceremony my Mum also gave me a bracelet. My parents are refugees and moved to Australia with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They built their life from scratch here and this bracelet was Mum's first ever special gift to herself to symbolise where all her hard work has lead her and she bought this bracelet even before I was born. This bracelet is so sentimental and there were so so many emotions when she put it on my arm.




Make sure your veil matches the colour of your dress. At first I thought all I needed was to pick the style of veil but I ordered my first veil and it was a different colour white to my dress. Besides that, everything was a-okay!

Annie wore dress by Enzoani. See more gowns from Enzonai Collection here


Bridal gown: Enzoani Collection from Eternal Bridal
Photographer: Maxtu Photography
Videographer: Magic Pixels
Wedding Planner: Bali Day Dream
Wedding Decorations: Petals by Puri
Makeup: Glospa Bali

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