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Wedding dress and veil, check. Bridal shoes and jewellery, check. Garter and bouquet, check. Think you have your entire wedding day outfit covered? Most brides forget one essential item—the bridal clutch. A well seasoned bridal stylist will say this is a must-have for your big day, and it will make storing and carrying all the small bits and pieces like your phone, lipstick, tissues and mini emergency sewing kit that much more fashionably effortless. Here are some tips on how to find your perfect bridal clutch. 

To match, or not to match, that is up to the bride

With so many shades of white, ivory, blush and gold in wedding dresses, things can get very stressful if a 100% colour match is required. Instead of trying to match the colours, you can try to match the bag to your dress's lace style, the gems on your dress trim, a colour from your wedding colour palette (e.g. matching it to your bridesmaid's dresses), or walk along the same lines as your bridal shoes and jewellery. Or, if you are still looking for your "something blue", your bridal clutch can give you that magic touch.

EB Styling Example: Lana Bridal Clutch + Emery Dress by Allison Webb

This is one of our favourite minimalist clutch and dress match. The casual pleats details on the dress bodice and asymmetrical cascade design of the smooth mikado skirt are stylistically highlighted by the seashell pattern of the hard case clutch. The clutch not only matches well in the overall minimalist style but, in this case, is also used to pickup design features. In instances like this, the colour match not being 100% will not affect the overall look of the bridal outfit.


Take notes from your wedding theme

Just like how your entire wedding day look should fit in with the rest of your wedding settings, your bridal clutch bag should be no exception. When choosing your bag, try and imagine how it would sit with the rest of your wedding decor if you were to have a photo of it taken with your florals and tables settings in the background. If your wedding has minimalist and modern touches, try something with clean minimal details. If vintage is your thing and channelling the spirit of the Great Gatsby is part of the look, then try selecting a clutch reminiscence of art deco details. Add to your whimsical wedding vibe by trying a bridal clutch with lace or feathers reflective of your decorative dream catchers and crocheted hanging lights. 

EB Styling Example: Fleur Bridal Clutch + Remming Dress by Hayley Paige.

Our EB Ivory Lane readers will know that we are huge fans of Hayley Paige and her modern, chic and whimsical wedding dress designs. Since the day Remmington A-line dress arrived at our store in all her floral beading and tulle glory, we were head over heels. We then discovered the perfect clutch bag to go with this dreamy gown in our Fleur bridal clutch bag. The unique, bold-yet-feminine beaded flowers are the ideal touch to add to the Remington dress. It helps carry the whimsical youthfulness of the dress design and emphasise the modern floral details of the A-line wedding dress bodice.


Size does matters

Going for a clutch bag that is too small and you will struggle to fit all your things inside. On the flip side, if you go too big, it will be bulky and get in your way on the day. The most stress-free way to choose the right size for you is to make a list of the essential items you must have to see how much room you need. We recommend carrying in your clutch; your phone, lipstick for touch-ups, a small pack of tissue, a hair tie, one or two bobby pins and a couple of safety pins. Items like the rest of your emergency kit, makeup kit and sewing kit can be stashed in places easily accessible to your bridal party or carried by your bridesmaids. Once you have the list of items and an idea of how much space you need for storage in a clutch, we recommend looking for something compact and structured in that size. Softer, unstructured clutches will mean it is harder to hold onto, and the shape of your bag can become distorted with the outlines of your items inside sticking out. The last thing you would want on your wedding day is to worry about how wonky your bag's shape is with the items inside and constantly adjusting it to a form that would look good in your wedding photos.

EB Styling Example: Aria Bridal Clutch + Allegra dress by Ti Adora

Just because your clutch is structured to hold things in doesn't mean you can't soften things up with different design features. Like with our Aria bridal clutch bag, the faux ostrich feathers and pearls on the outside of the clutch give it less of a hard-case look. Instead, it adds touches of sophisticated, feminine softness. We matched it with our Allegra by Ti Adora wedding dress to add an extra touch of softness and elegance to the look of the dress. 


Think re-usability and be practical 

Make the most out of the money that you are spending on your bag by thinking of how many times you will wear the bag. Unlike your wedding dress and veil, you can wear the clutch bag out for other occasions. Go for clutch bag designs that can also be used outside of just this day - something that will go well with your current wardrobe. Choose a bridal clutch that is quality in its make to last many future uses and get your money's worth. We recommend selecting a bridal clutch with a detachable sling chain or straps that can help free your hands. It will also make carrying it in the future with other outfits that much more practical. 

EB Styling Example: Cecila Bridal Clutch + Harley dress by Hayley Paige

Our Cecilia clutch is designed to be versatile with an optional shoulder strap and handle for different occasions. The minimalist look and gold finishing make it a perfect match for a modern wedding dress and match your everyday outfits. We love pairing it with our modern Harley by Hayley Paige wedding dress and its stylish striped organza as much as we love matching it to our favourite pair of skinny blue denim, silky white shirt with a pair of chic heels for brunch with our girlfriends. 


Style it to you - with an open mind

Go into your clutch bag hunt with an open mind and look beyond your typical white and ivory bridal clutch designs. Just like you wanted your wedding look to reflect who you are and a fashion style that is uniquely you, your bridal clutch bag should do the same too. If you are someone who loves to wear bold accessories, show it off in your bag. If minimalist, sleek and modern is the look of your monochromatic wardrobe, then your clutch should show that part of you off as well. Your wedding day should celebrate you and your partner as individuals and a couple, so your bridal outfit and accessories should do the same and speak to you in style. 

EB Styling Example: Anaïs Bridal Clutch + Michelle dress by Galia Lahav Haute Couture

No one speaks 'unique personal style' as fluent as a Galia Lahav bride. They are elegantly fashionable and always finds the right balance between being themselves and walking the sophisticated fashion line. One golden match is Galia Lahav's dramatic Michelle wedding dress with its voluminous skirt and flowing floral lacework paired with Anaïs clutch bag's fancy textured beadwork that seems to grow out from the clutch. While there are no exact design feature correlations between the two, the creative vibe of overflowing embellishments and drama of both the clutch and dress makes it the perfect statement pairing. 


The above bridal clutch bags are just a few favourites from our editors pick. To see the full collection of Eternal Bridal's bridal clutch bags see here.

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