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Posted by Annie Lu on

All weddings need planning of some sort. From what the outfit and flowers to the venture and vehicles to the stationary and gifts, there are seemingly endless things to keep in check. In some cases, a specialist in planning and executing the events is consulted and employed for the daunting task. For most brides, a wedding is an experience to be had through the hands-on method with the helping hands of the bridal party members and mothers from both sides. For the superwomen brides out there a good wedding planner diary helps to keep everything about their big day in check.


Wedding planning diaries are designed to include the essential parts of setting up a wedding. Venues, budgets, outfit items and guest lists are a must have for the bride. Historically the most commonly acknowledged form of union is between a man and a woman; most wedding planners are designed with very gender-specific roles and items in mind with the intended user being female.


2017 brought about one iconic and life-changing movement to Australia, the legalisation and recognition of same-sex marriage and acknowledgement of the L.G.B.T.+ communities. With this welcomed shift from the traditional man and woman only weddings, we now have an array of unions with different gender pairings.


As we believe the celebrating weddings of all loving couples, Eternal Bridal is proud to offer a gender-neutral wedding planner in support of the L.G.B.T.+ communities. These new wedding planners no longer have gender specified roles and references for the couple or their guests, available on our online store. The planners have been carefully re-written to be as inclusive as possible, steering away from any gender stereotypes. Words like  'dress' are now referred to as 'outfit', 'bride and groom' is now referred to as 'spouses' and much more. To see these new planners and their full features, click here.

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