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Posted by Annie Lu on

The Special Couple: Amy + Harley


Harley and I took a five-week road trip around America for a holiday. Halfway into the trip, we stopped off at the amazing Grand Canyon to spend the day exploring. When we parked the car, I went to the back seat to get the backpack out and look through it to ensure we had everything we needed. Little did I know he had been hiding the ring in this bag for the duration of the trip and had it tucked away in a pair of his socks. I was going through items in the bag, asking him if we needed them, like his thick socks, as I didn't want to be carrying around unnecessary things (I was so close to ruining everything!). When he caught on to what I was doing, he grabbed the bag and asked me to leave everything in there, and he would carry it. We then went off to sightsee while he was figuring out a good spot to propose that was away from the public. While walking along, I found a path, and we decided to follow it, leading us to a secluded ledge. I was happy to have found a private spot to enjoy the views with him! We were sitting on the rock ledge, and he started telling me how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever - he seemed really nervous, which I found odd as he was never like this around me. He then pulled out the most beautiful ring he had designed and had made months prior and dropped his knee on the rocky ground. He asked me to marry him, and I was so shocked I didn't even answer, but I tripped backwards and nearly fell off the ledge! I then (of course) said "YES!", and we just sat for ages looking out at the view, taking in every moment together and went on to celebrate at a nearby restaurant with champagne.



A classy rustic/vintage look inspired us. Our venue was a stunning big industrial barn, and Harley is in a vintage car and motorcycle club, so we had his and the groomsman's cool vintage bikes/car to be unique features. We wanted Australian natives, which inspired our focal colours to be burgundy/green and had gold features for that classy feel. We both love earthy tones, which all tied in beautifully with the barn and outdoor garden ceremony setting.



Although most aspects of our wedding were rustic-inspired, I still wanted to look and feel elegant/sexy and to have a dress that stood out, not exactly having to be 'in theme'. I had been researching and following Eternal Bridal brides and Enzoani online, and I was more drawn to the figure-hugging dresses that would show off my good 'features'. I felt that wearing this gown style would make me feel exactly how I wanted to on my special day.



I tried on about five gowns, roughly having an idea in mind of what I wanted but wasn't entirely sure the style would suit me. The gown I chose ended up being the second one I tried on. I had all my bridesmaids with me; they are all completely different women, so I thought it would be challenging for them all to agree on the right one. When I first tried it on, they all went speechless and said it was definitely a top contender, but to try the other wedding dresses they each had chosen for me. After trying all the different bridal dresses, I felt I needed to retry the second dress. When I put it back on, the girls broke their silence and exploded with excitement - they were all 100% unanimous on that gown which I knew would be the one because I thought the same!


The gown I chose made me feel elegant, classy and sexy, which is everything I wanted, the shape fit my body perfectly, and every little detail (especially the train) was stunning – I had to have it! The experience at Eternal Bridal was wonderful; the stylist looking after me was very friendly, extremely helpful and encouraging. I ended up coming back to the store to purchase my bridal earrings! The service was second to none. 



I felt that everything went so seamlessly throughout the whole day. Harley and I both agreed that every time we looked around, our guests were always smiling and having a great time. It made us feel more relaxed knowing our closest family and friends were having and blast and enjoying themselves. We made our day personal by writing our vows to each other; it felt more special and intimate to us. Harley's reception speech was so touching and honest. To me, that was unforgettable.



It may sound cliché, but in retrospect, there is nothing I would have done differently or regret doing. Everything we put into our wedding made it exactly how it needed to be, and I wouldn't change a thing. If anything, I'd give myself a positive pep talk to say: "You'll experience this special moment once in your life, so enjoy every moment even when things get hard. Go with your gut and do what you both want; no need to please anyone else – it'll all work out amazing. Don't worry about anything. You will have the best day because you are marrying the love of your life and have all the support in the world."

Amy wore gown from Enzoani. See more gowns from Enzoani Collection here.



Bridal gown:  Enzoani dress from Eternal Bridal
Bridal Earrings:  Eternal Bridal
Photographer: Thomas Stewart Photography 
Hair: Chantelle Owner of Willow Hair Spa
Makeup: Rachel McIntosh
Florals: Brilliant Blooms 
Ceremony/Reception Venue: ‘The Stables’ Bendooley Estate, Berrima NSW 

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