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The Special Couple: Brittany + Daniel


We met at a club. I was at the bar when he yelled out “dayyumm girl” he turned and said to his mate that “I’ll marry her one day”. The rest is history.

We had been together for four years when we went on a cruise ship holiday with our friends and family. Dan had organised his life long family friends to look after the ring. Dan had arranged with the captain of the ship a private tour of where the captain sits. Our friends and family all went. It was a really rocky day out at sea I was a little seasick standing in the control room looking at the best view of the ocean the captain said “does anyone have any questions” Dan said “I do” walked over to me pulled out a box from his pocket got down on one knee and said “Britt your the most amazing person will you marry me” I was literally speechless I couldn’t feel my legs! I said “yes!” The captain honked the ships horn everyone was cheering; it was the best moment of my life.




I have always had a love olden day styles with glamour; we had our reception in an old woolshed that got transformed by The Wedding Designers, my main thing was I wanted chandeliers in the room didn’t think it could be possible, but they delivered not one but two chandeliers!




I am quite curvy; I wanted something fitted with long sleeves. I have always loved the mermaid style.

I tried on five dresses! I had a dress flown up from Eternal Bridal in Melbourne as the Sydney store didn’t have that sample in store. I really thought I would go there, try it on and be done. When I arrived, my stylist, Sky convinced me to have a look around and pick four more dresses. The whole time I was thinking "hmm, it’s okay I’ve got my heart set on the other dress". I tried the dress I wanted on, and it was a beautiful dress, but it didn’t do anything for my figure, so I decided to give other dresses a chance and put on the Enzoani Myra dress. I LOVED it instantly! The only problem with this dress was it didn’t have sleeves. Sky said, "no problem you can have them custom made"! I didn’t even know you could do this! It was a done deal I just loved everything about this dress.



The special moment was my father-daughter dance! We had dance lessons, we started slowly to the song 'Butterfly Kisses' by Bob Carlisle and broke out to 'Gone Daddy Gone' by Violent Femmes. Dad had black sunglasses in his suit handed me a pair and danced; we had our guest in tears, which soon turned into laughter. It was definitely a highlight!



Go with the flow and relax, things don’t always go to plan but it doesn’t matter; it will all work out. I planned this sparkler send-off after the reception, and I forgot the sparklers! It didn’t matter, all our guests got in a circle, and we ran around clapping hands, it was a perfect ending. I also had five nephews as my ring boys, one of them being one year old; they were supposed to walk down to the song followed by dad and me. However, when I was standing there waiting whilst the bridesmaids walked down to a different tune the one-year-old was in a cart and starting to get unsettled I could tell he was about to lose it, so I said to my nephews “go now” even tho they walked to the wrong song it didn’t even matter! No one even knew. Hence my advice to go with the flow.



My experience at eternal bridal was amazing! My stylist Sky spent two hours with me, ordering the extra material for the sleeves making sure I had everything I needed it was just perfect!

Brittany wore ‘Myra’ from Enzoani. See more gowns from Enzoani Collection here


Bridal gown: Enzoani From Eternal Bridal
Photographer: Popcorn Photography 
Videographer: Hipshot Films
Makeup & Hair: The Boys Studio
Florist/Styling: The Wedding Designers 
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Riverwood Downs 

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