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Weddings usually involved long lists of 'things to do' and 'things to source'. Finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes to match the dress would be one of the top items on the bridal accessories checklist for every bride. It's the item that will be walking down the aisle towards the first day of together forever with one's significant other. Apart from the need to have it compliment the rest of the bridal outfit and reflect a bride's wedding theme, there is also the comfort factor, and the ability for the shoes to highlight the bride's unique style. Below are the top 12 most popular styles of wedding shoe styles to help you navigate the overwhelming world of wedding shoes!


The Scarpin

Perfect for those girl bosses ready to do their thing down the aisle with the minimalist, modern indoor reception. This style is sleek, classic and sophisticated! It has good coverage of the overall foot so you can be ensured to have a good time without worrying it will fall off or that your toes will be unprotected from the clumsy dancer. Just be mindful to avoid wooden decks with gaps and soft grass.


The D'orsay

The cheekier sister of Scarpin. If your feet are prone to slightly overheating in pumps but you still want the boss lady look of Scarpin the side cutouts will help release the heat making this the perfect compromise! This style is classically designed with a pointed toe, but if you do a little digging around, they can come in rounded and square toes too!


The Platforms

Looking for something to give you a little more boost but a little less strain on your feet? The platform will allow your feet to be at less of an angle making that trek. This style is excellent for semi-professional heel wearers who like the look of those sleek, thin stiletto heels but want to burn up the dance floor with minimum damage to their feet. A side perk of this heel is it may even save some brides the cost of their hemming! 


The Peep Toe

What's the use in splashing out on the perfect pedicure colour at the bridal spa if you can't show it off on the big day? Peep Toes are your go-to's if security and pedicure show-and-tell is a must for you! Peep Toes come in all heel thickness and heights to suit any bride.


The Ballet Flats

A shout out to our tall brides and those who put comfort before all else and still want to express a splash of femininity. This shoe is perfect for those who want to be comfortable all day and burn up that dance floor at the reception. There's no need to worry about tripping over or getting your heel caught in anything with this style, all you need to figure out is how best to concur that dance floor and the fastest route to that dessert table! 


The Kitten heels

Are you a beginner in the art of wearing heels but still want in on the pretty thin heel look?  This style of heels will help you achieve that! The short height of these will help eliminate that balancing act while you get your dose of feminine vibes. This shoe height is perfect for the dance-loving bride who doesn't want to be in flats.


The Wedge

The ultimate solution for a wedding involving grass or flooring with gaps. With the continuous block sole design, you can achieve a boost in height without the balancing act.


The Block

This style is the best middle ground between a thin satellite heel and a chunky wedge. It helps prevent brides from sinking into the grass and getting stuck in unwelcome crevices in the ground while adding a slightly girlier air to the bridal outfit.


The Slip-on/Canvas

Vans and Converse fan? If skate and sneaker culture is a big part of you, then this is the way to rock it. There are no rules to say you have to have something fancy with heels for a bride! There may not be as many bridal designs in this style, but that shouldn't stop you from expressing who you are. The perks of this style are you can skate down that aisle without worrying about falling, and you're guaranteed to be the one with no aching feet post-wedding.


The T-bar

If you are after a thin and delicate look but find only being held in at the ankles and toes a little daunting, then this style is for you! This extra vertical link will not only increase your stability it will also give your feet a little more embellishment on the day. However, this style can sometimes be hard to find the perfect fit as the front strap can be too long for brides who have smaller and thinner feet.


The Gladiator

This style is perfect for brides who want 380-degree security. By having holding points around most of the foot, this shoe will not be going anywhere on your feet, allowing its wearer to move with confidence. This is a good style for brides who like to decrease the strain on their feet and have fun outdoors or the dance floor.


The Boots

A style for brides with weddings in cooler weather who require extra coverage to retain heat. The coverage will not only protect against the cold but also allow added stability for the bride. This is the perfect style of an outdoor winter wedding!

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