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Bridal Earrings 101: Our Styles & How to Choose Wedding Earrings

Posted by Annie Lu on
Similar to high heels, earrings were initially worn by men in the Bronze Age and warriors of the Persian Empire. Fast forward to the twenty-first century; earrings are now worn predominantly by women as a decorative item to express ourselves and glam up our style.  Just like the endless number of fashion style earrings also come in a wide range of materials, styles and designs to suit every personality and face shape. In this guide, we will break down the top 7 styles of earrings and how to find a form of earrings which will complement not only your face shape.


Stud Earrings

This is the most simplistic and classic of all earring types. Studs are made up of a single stone, pearl or other material of choice at the front and attached to the ear right at the earlobe with a removable clutch or backing to secure it on. The size of studs can vary from a pinhead to something more substantial than a fingernail.  The good news with this style, these come in so many different types of shapes that there's something for every face shape. Round and button style studs are great for narrow and square-shaped faces while longer, drop styles are suitable for round, oval and heart-shaped faces. 


Drop Earrings

This is an elongated variation of the stud earring. The earrings are in the shape of a water droplet and usually extends below the ear lobe while still stationary attached in a fixed way to the ear like a stud. The drop length varies depending on the design. Round, oval and heart-shaped faces will find this type of earrings help balance their face shapes.


Dangle Earrings

This style belongs to the drop earring family with the feature of this design being free to swing back and forth, unlike drops. The flexibility of the dangle allows for an endless possibility of designs and depending on the size of the earrings; a bride can make a statement with these! As dangles come in a wide range of shape, they will suit all face shapes. Brides with round, narrow and heart-shaped faces should explore this category if a statement piece is what you are looking for.


Chandelier Earrings

Like the grand lights this was named after these earrings are part of the dangle earring category. They are attached to the ear at the earlobe and drops down in usually more than one level of intricate decoration. For the bride looking to get fancy, these are a must-try! With designs generally coming in with gemstones, this free-moving, elaborate style will turn up the glam factor. Round, oval, diamond and heart-shaped faces will find this is the way to go for a complimentary statement.


Teardrop Earrings

A variation of the drop earrings. This style is designed with an attachment piece to the earlobe in which a teardrop-shaped stone or decorative design hangs. Elongated teardrops are great for oval, round and heart faced shapes and can be used for narrow and square-shaped faces to create a softening effect.


Cluster Earrings

Usually found in a stud form earring but can also be designed as dangle earrings, this style is composed by a bunch of different stones or beads into a tight group. The cluster is an excellent way to add varied colours and textures for smaller styles. As clusters are so diverse, there is a style out there for every face shape.


Hoop Earrings

This style of earring has been popular in streetwear and pop culture. Hoop earrings are designed to penetrate the ear through a small wire and create a complete circle by connecting back to the other end of the hoop on the backside of the ear. Traditional hoops are circular and can vary in sizes. However these days hoop can be found in oval, square, rectangular or triangular shaped to suit the wearer. This style is a great way to make a statement with and is best suited to square face shapes. 

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