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Galia Lahav GALA X - New Collection Launch

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Galia Lahav GALA X - New Collection Launch

It’s no secret that designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever create empowering designs, but this season the duo are taking GALA to new heights. In its 10th season, the GALA collection X speaks passionately to the woman unafraid of change and self-expression. “This collection is about freedom—being free to choose whatever you want [and] do whatever you like,” says Sever. The GALA girl dares to dream—and dream without constraints.

Like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, the woman wearing one of these ethereal designs will emerge as a free-spirit. A blend of pastel colours in blush and cream create a feeling of romance and femininity, yet texture and adventurous draping invite an understated boldness. “It’s bold in a quiet way—not fussy,” add the designers.

In a melody of gossamer and fitted gowns, you’ll find luxe laces and airy textiles that are sprinkled with shimmery embellishments a la butterfly wings with elongated luminous sequins that flicker on the fabric. Corsetry provides stability and strength while feeling light and unrestrained—and overskirts and coats provide layers without the weight. Delicate floral details dance throughout GALA Collection X and feathery figures float on unrestrictive asymmetrical silhouettes alluding to the outdoors and a perception of being free in nature. “There is a gown with a plume pattern on it that is very airy—like a feather free and floating away,” Lahav explains. Endless tiny sequins and beads that have no real arrangement invite a sense of independence and open backs feel undoubtedly self-assured.

With the free-spirited woman in mind, designers Sever and Lahav created GALA Collection X to remind the Galia Lahav Bride how exotic and empowered she is. “Women have freedom today in the modern world... [and] freedom stands for something greater than just the right of how you choose to act—it stands for securing an equal opportunity and happiness,” Sever and Lahav add. How will you express your freedom? 

DESIGNERS Galia Lahav & Sharon Sever

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