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Hayley Paige Shares Her Top-5 Tips In Wedding Dress Shopping

Posted by Jamie Lee on
Hayley Paige Shares Her Top-5 Tips In Wedding Dress Shopping

Hey Australian brides, we know there are a lot of brides out there that are feeling discouraged, uncertain and eager all at the same time. We have reached out to Hayley Paige who have taken a moment to share her optimistic tips in shopping for a wedding dress, as we get back into the sparkle swing of things!

Tip one ~ Allow For More Time

" This allow for contingency plans and easy pivots as we navigate through this unchartered territory, and ultimately making things easier for yourself. "

 Tip two ~ Do Your Research

" It’s so much fun to invest in platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. It’s a form of digital shopping that gives you more access and knowledge to what kind of styles are out there. With some stores still being closed at the moment, you might have to be prepared to say yes on your very first shopping experience. "

 Tip three ~ Explore The Beautiful Australian Destination For Your Location

" In light of not knowing what international travel restrictions will still be in place in the coming year, exploring the beauty right in your backyard is definitely something to consider. "

 Tip four ~ Keeping An Open Mind

Keep an Open mind when shopping. There is a tendency to be ‘married to’ a dress when going into an appointment, allow yourself to be dazzled. “Shopping for your shape” may create unnecessary limits on what silhouettes you should try, until you have that magic moment, you are not going to know what you want. "


 Tip five ~ Ask Your Questions

" Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to speak up, by setting expectations. It is recommended to call the stores in advance to get an overview of what regulation and safety protocols they have in place. A lot of stores may be limiting the entourage during this time. "

  "Take a moment to celebrate and realise the beauty that is around you, and that love is not cancelled" 

Hayley Paige


You can view the full interview below, and click here to find out more about Hayley Paige’s trunk show touring now in Australia.



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