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Introducing PRET A PORTER by Galia Lahav

Posted by Eternal Bridal Editor on
Introducing PRET A PORTER  by Galia Lahav

We are welcoming a new and invigorating way to find your dream dress. In our world where everything is rapidly changing and everybody is striving for the new normal, visiting a bridal boutique feels like a distant memory. Here at Eternal Bridal, we too are evolving and exploring all new possibilities and with that we are extremely excited to announce our newest arrival to our online store. From the queen of bridal couture we bring to you Galia Lahav’s latest collection, Pret-A-Porter. 

Pret-A-Porter brings a new side to the already established aesthetic that Galia Lahav is renowned for. They have dialled down the decadent embroidery and over-the-top grandeur to create a line that is derived from simplicity, showcasing the female silhouette with chic modern designs that make for an unforgettable bridal look.

Galia Lahav has honoured their skills and knowledge to show that sometimes minimal makes the wow factor. All a bride needs is clean lines, stunning fabrics and sleek silhouettes to have heads turning on your wedding day. This is a new venture for Galia Lahav, and we are all too excited to see the evolution of Pret-A-Porter. 

Pret-A-Porter is for the bride who is timeless. She isn’t a woman chasing trends, she is elegant, modern and contemporary and most of all she understands that it’s the small details that will make the largest impact on her big day. 

The collection consists of a variety of necklines ranging from plunging deep-v’s to beautifully embellished high necks and crisp strapless gowns. You will also find sleek, clean silhouettes, front splits and long sleeves all created using high quality  fabrics. Pret-A-Porter is sold to standard sizing, please keep in mind that Eternal Bridal does still recommend visiting a seamstress to complete minor alterations to get the perfect fit. 

If you are a bride who enjoys modern luxury, then this collection is certainly for you. Pret-A-Porter believes in the raw and real bride, a woman who wants no filter on her wedding day. No extra frills and extravagance.

Your Pret-A-Porter dress is an extension of you, your true, beautiful, natural self. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


This new collection is available to purchase through our website right now! So, if you see yourself as a Pret-A-Porter bride click here.   

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